ceturtdiena, 2017. gada 18. maijs

New Moon in Gemini: You Have Choices


The May 25th New Moon in Gemini (4 degrees) is unaspected - it makes no close aspects to other planets. This means it's "pure" in the sense that its energy is uninfluenced. 
What does pure Gemini suggest? Completely new ideas and multiple choices. Information that's quick but unstable - it may fluctuate between A and B. Facts that open up new layers of possibility. 
The vibe is bright and curious. This Moon could have you asking "What's this?" Check it out, but remember that a New Moon is only the first step. It's dark and newly birthed. With a Mutable sign like Gemini, you'll have to follow the facts to see if they make sense. 
Nonetheless, keep your eyes open. And be flexible. One answer will not suffice. There will be more than one path. The issue may be complicated, with shifting priorities. 
Venus in Aries will make an exact square with Pluto Rx in Capricorn (19 degrees) on the same day. So it will be connected to the events of this New Moon. It's an interesting counterpoint, because it suggests an all-or-nothing crisis over what you love/want. Compulsive attractions, or struggles for power over money/relationships/self-esteem.
Appropriately, Venus and Pluto are making a First Quarter Square - a new way of approaching Venus themes is revealed via the crisis of compulsion, obsession or fear of loss. What's so compelling is actually a reflection of what you'd like to initiate (Aries) within yourself. Your new values. Viewing Venus/Pluto aspects in this way can be helpful - it allows you step away from the consuming situation, and recognize that the external person/thing is not all-powerful. 
And you'll have a New Moon that's brimming with fresh ideas, to get you started. You're not stuck, no matter how frustrating Venus/Pluto is. You're already in new territory, and you have choices about how you'll handle that Venus issue.