trešdiena, 2017. gada 10. maijs

Full Moon in Scorpio: The Deep Reveal

The May 10th Full Moon in Scorpio (20 degrees) will be intense, and not just because it's Scorpio. Pluto Rx (Scorpio's ruler) will trine the Taurus Sun and make a sextile to the Moon (from 19 degrees Capricorn). This adds an extra helping of Scorpio to an already heavy culmination.  
Full Moons are times of peak intensity - something has been building, and it will be released via Scorpio's profound, limit-destroying energy. The impact will be felt beneath the surface, so the ending/result will be much more than a superficial change. 
On the same day, Mercury in Aries will conjoin Uranus. We have the bright flash on the surface, and the tremors underneath. Secrets and hidden motivations may be exposed. The truth will be surprising, although it's been agitating since March 26th (Mercury's first conjunction with Uranus). 
Pluto adds reassuring integration along with relentless transformation. Trines and sextiles represent paths of least resistance, so the change will happen naturally. And, it should fit right in with whatever else is happening in your life. The initial event may be jarring, but you'll quickly see that it's meant to be. 
Juno will be close to Pluto Rx (at 18 degrees) and she will have stationed Rx on May 9th. So there's added issues of contracts, partnership (business or personal) and fidelity. This Full Moon's outcome may involve an overhaul of the contract between you and another. Not just the words (although they will be very important) but the significance of the unspoken understanding that one or both partners have. Depth of commitment and exchange of power (or loss of power) between two people may be themes.  
Note that a Grand Fire Trine will form on May 9th, and will continue until (roughly) June 20th. It will involve Uranus in Aries (with Mercury until May 15th) the North Node in Leo and Saturn Rx in Sagittarius. I'll write a separate post on this, and while it's not directly involved with this Moon, consider it a fortunate backdrop. Saturn will add structure and stability to Mercury/Uranus' revelations, and this will energize your path forward (North Node). What you discover or discuss should all fit together, and might even open some new doors.
Along with the easy aspects from Pluto, it will be almost impossible to not progress.