sestdiena, 2017. gada 12. augusts


Mercury is the planet of communication, career, technology and intellect. Not only is it the ...closest planet to the sun, but it is also one of the smallest (second to Pluto) and its orbit only lasts about 88 days. The Retrograde period for Mercury, lasts about 20-25 days, and there is about 1-2 weeks of the pre and post shadow - when the planet warms up to its retrograde transit, and the small after-shocks of when it finishes and goes back to its normal orbit.
When a planet goes retrograde, it is not moving backwards, but appears to do so because of the positions of that planet and the Earth, and how they are moving around the Sun. So, in a sense, a retrograde motion is an illusion caused by the moving Earth passing the outer planets in their orbits.
On August 12/13 (depending on where you are located), Mercury will make its 3rd Retrograde in the Sign of Virgo and will move into Leo on August 31st. Virgo is a natural ruler of Mercury, and so the planet finds itself home within the sign of Health, Service and extreme Mental Powers.
Just about everyone who knows what “Mercury Retrograde” is, will cringe at the very mention of it. We love to blame the planet closest to the Sun for the communication breakdowns, technological issues and transportation problems. For three weeks, we are told to basically bury our head in the sand; not to sign contracts, not to start projects, no traveling and to prepare for chaos in the workplace.
Sounds horrible, right? Well, let’s also take into consideration the good things that Mercury’s Retrograde can gift to us.
I am a firm believer in the Power of Perspective – if you are going to see something as being bad, then you are going to give that thought power and make worse of something that might not be so bad in the first place.
While we will experience some disturbances within the important factors of our lives from the chaotic vibrations Mercury will be emitting down on us, we can still use this time for a radical, creative evolution and dramatic life-changes.
This is a time to kick those bad habits and to focus more on our health – not just physically, but in every way, such as our thought-process, emotional patterns and spiritual connection. Mercury Retrograde makes us slow down, and to re-think, re-do and re-organize. We can look again at those creative projects, goals or plans we have put into motion in the past, and make something more of it during this three-week cycle.
Virgo is the perfectionist, detail-oriented sign of the Zodiac that always does its job right, the first time. That is because they take their time and consider all the facts before making a move. While we all know Gemini to be the know-it-all of the Zodiac, but we cannot discredit Virgo, who also rules Mercury, for raising the bar and one-upping Gemini on that title. Gemini likes to speak, Virgo likes to think, and Virgo thinks a lot.
Can you say, Anxiety overload?
I’m sure many are feeling it already with the mountain of thoughts about anything and everything floating around. Virgo remembers everything, and has all the facts and formulas available for you to see why something had gone wrong, or giving you those final details needed to make something complete.

Yes, Mercury Retrograde likes to dig up the past. Consider this a time-out, or a quarterly period where documents and files, such as your experiences and projects, are being purged or pushed into completion. With that said, this is most definitely not the time to start a new project or set a new goal in motion – this is a time of completion and conclusion.
Virgo is also known for taking on too much, which wears them down and triggers their nervous and anxiety-ridden behavior. They aim for perfection, but often get stuck in the details because there are too many to consider. While this is a very organized sign, when there is too much on your plate, where do you even start? Don’t allow yourself to become overburdened by all of this, and make a check-list of your priorities.
What must be finished, now? What can wait? What isn’t worth it, after all?
To simplify things, I have made a small checklist of what you should watch out for, during this retrograde period:

Service – How can you serve mankind? What is your passion, your gift, your talent? What are you good at, that others need? Virgo is all about serving the greater good, and they have no problem in getting their hands dirty and working harder than anyone else around them. They’ll take on their job with a while, and might even snatch yours too, if you aren’t doing it right! With that said, this is a great time to consider your purpose or mission in this lifetime when it comes to your career and creative outlets. You are needed, and you were placed here on this Earth for a reason. Take this slow-down and quiet time for deep reflection on what your Higher Calling just might be.
Health – This is the most important on the list. This Mercury Retrograde is especially important to our health. If you do not take proper care of yourself, then allow Mercury to smack some sense into you by delivering a nasty cold or sending message after message to you from others and environmental symbols that you need to get your health back up to par. Schedule a physical, adopt a better health regime, get back onto that work-out routine, drink more water, and eat better foods. They say that it takes 21 days or repeatedly doing something to make it a habit – seems almost perfect timing with the duration of the retrograde, right?
Back to School – For many, school starts up again around the time Mercury goes Retrograde, and Virgo is the sign of teachers, students and learning. This means that the mind’s awareness may be heightened to retaining more information and sparking deeper interests in subjects that might have seemed dull before. This is a great start for the scholar and those with a thirst for knowledge. Immerse yourself into learning something that inspires you – because you may never know when that information becomes useful down the road in playing a part in something bigger.
Constructive Criticism – Virgo is a very analytical and politically correct sign. They can see deeper than most can, and do not take anything at face-value. If you feel prone to speak up when you notice someone could be doing a better job at something – then remember to be sensitive and compassionate. Virgo is rather emotionally-detached, and so they don’t care if the Truth hurts, because the Truth is necessary. If you are on the receiving end of this, then try not to focus so much on your personal feelings, but consider what is said and how you can use it.
Taking a Second Look – When something is not budging, then slow down and take another look. Are you missing any important details? Do all the pieces fit right where they should? Is this goal really even worth it?
Hidden Truths & Spiritual Downloads – Mercury Retrograde speaks to our spirit and heightens our psychic connection to Source. Being the messenger planet of the Gods, we can rely on Mercury Retrograde for those spiritual downloads, synchronistic signs and intense dreams that reveal hidden truths. Meditate more and take time for yourself in a sacred space where you can be alone with your thoughts. Write down your feelings and any revelations that come to mind.
Hermit Cave – Virgo is the hermit of the Zodiac who prefers to work alone. While they strive to be of service and feel best when they are needed, appreciated and valued for their efforts – they do not like to do things any way but their own. If you feel too much conflict in your social circles, then take some time for yourself.
Patience – Virgo is not a very patient sign, however, Mercury Retrograde demands just that. Slow down, do not rush – especially when you encounter that traffic jam. Take your time completing projects and slowly go over all the minor and major details – do not miss a thing. Most of all, be patient with others – we are all in this same boat!
Mindfulness – Anxiety is going to be overloaded onto everyone as their mind is influenced by the quick-thinking Virgo energy. This is why meditation is also beneficial – to clear the mind and center your thoughts. If you feel the sky is falling, then consider why rather than running away with that thought. Don’t make a whale out of a fish story or let your mind play tricks on you. Be present and think through these thoughts – try to understand why they feel so valid and what other ulterior realities are also present in those situations.
Prepare – Yes, that’s right. This is a time for preparation for many who are on the creative or business train. This is your time to really plan and consider all the facts and information you have present, and then to reach for you.
Keep Track of Your Stuff – Mercury Retrograde is notorious for being a period where many people lose items, money, and even lose their sh*t (mentally). Slow down and retrace your steps. Many might even end up finding something they had lost before Mercury Retrograde as well. Mercury is also the ruler of Thieves, so be sure to lock your items securely before leaving them unattended.
Don’t Lend or Borrow Money, or Sign Contracts – Details, details, details. Yes, that’s right, details are so very important and often it’s that fine print that gets us in the end. If you can avoid signing any contracts, do so, and if you must, then take your time and read every word in that document before signing your life away. As for lending or borrowing money – it typically doesn’t get paid back, or at least not on time.
Traveling – If you have to travel, be sure to go over your check-list at least 3-4 times and ensure your method of transportation has had all its preventative maintenance done. Let others know where you are going, and stick to plan. You might have some unforeseen problems occur, so be prepared for an interesting vacation or trip out of town.
So relax, and don’t take all of those Mercury-Retrograde-Bashing memes to heart. Mercury Retrograde isn’t so much of a bad thing, if you chose to flow with it.