trešdiena, 2017. gada 9. augusts

**Lion's Gate**

**Lion's Gate**
*Cycles of Reprogramming*
Happy Lion's Gate everyone! How are you doing? We are still in the gateway tunnel. Anything that is keeping you go bac
...k to the known and old will be very disturbing to release it. Use this to settle your extreme parts that want to deeply volunteer to stay in the ego/mind dominating. It is not easy to jump into the new habits and running your energy engine from the heart space so stay open and in receiving mode if you are not sure what to do and how to handle the waves. These waves also assist us to stay fluid so we can learn to adapt and see if we can manage to stay out of duality and out of constant need of protection for the sake of old "survival" consciousness. On your subconscious, your collected fear, reactive defense system that has subconsciously kept you safe for so long will try to let you follow the fear and duality path. So stay observer, embrace your new expansive level of higher awareness and follow the attunement stages to free your cells from the old. You could feel extreme hot and cold flashes that is effecting your telomerase within the edge of your cells. Telomerase is an enzyme that is keeping your DNA stable during the dividing process working as a cushion at the end of your of each chromosome. It is very essential because it adds a sequence effect so your chromosomes can function properly. When you receive ultra effective high amount of protons from the energies; your whole DNA cell dividing process gets effected as well. So your whole system is busy adapting to this process meanwhile you experience and witness the changes taking place within your body & mind. One level starts and the old has to be released or exit from the system so the new process could show its own potential and system. If there is a delay, your could feel "toxic" energetically. So let these process work like you are NOW giving a green light start and letting it happen naturally without holding mind as your blocking / slowing barrier factor. Stay present, focus on your desired energy level and keep it as your constant mood module. Picture the whole self as a energy transmitter if you have hard time keeping yourself grounded. Nurture your telomerase between your each chromosome like you can co-operate with it. Your each alignment and attunement stage will lift you up and will make you see the vibrating higher factor as your reflection when you look in the mirror. You can even exhilarate the level with using this as your cleansing and replacing mindset to update what you wish in the areas where you feel stuck, dusty and weak. Spray your awareness and blow it up with light into each area where you want to expand and lift up. Teach your mind to not to judge everything that it doesn't resonate.Practice living and existing without duality. Let it learn to stay in the non-judgement field of acceptance and unconditional love wave. The changes you want from outside comes from within you first. I will say "re-programming the self" could be really easy and fun process. Focusing on recreating anything that feels outdated and only staying in your own zero point as neutral will make it more fun.
Just keep in mind, not everyone will be at your level around you or even you feel you are connected spiritually and you have to practice "acceptance" a lot to keep the process stay neutral and expand your inner neutral magnifier a little bit wider inside
.... max the neutral mode in full speed.
More later
Much Love,
Denize Sarikoz