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Neptune Retrograde: Cosmic Boot Camp June 16th 2017- Nov 22nd 2017

    The Pisces moon ushers in Neptune retrograde, moving us to re-believe, re-connect, re-imagine, re-dream, re-inspire, re-call and re-align with the cosmic way over the next 5 months, as Neptune calls us closer.https://cosmicintelligenceagency.com/neptuneretrograde/


    Neptune Retrograde: Cosmic Boot Camp June 16th 2017- Nov 22nd 2017
      Neptune Retrograde: June 16th 2017- Nov 22nd 2017
      14°15′ Pisces – 11°27′
      Neptune stations retrograde June 16th 2017, 14°15′ degrees of Pisces. During the last few months with Neptune moving direct it was a time to connect with our inner intuitive self, our dreams, our divinity in the scheme of the great big picture and what is going on within the chaos in this supposedly rational world! Now it’s time to make sense of it, in Neptunian ways. We are all invited to a Neptune Boot Camp, to explore further his intuitive, magical and inspirational ways. To re-align, re-believe, re-connect, re-imagine, re-dream, re-inspire, re-call and re-source.
      With a retrograde pass the planet’s focus and meaning are amplified, easier to grasp, become more important to connect. Our Neptunian selves now need to become more internalised, privatised, as though the dreams we have ventured out to glean and the truths we have found  over the past few months now need their special time for incubation and development. Since November 19th 2016 Neptune has been direct having moved from 9° Pisces to 14° Pisces, a time when for many of us many dreams have been realised, yet for some dreams may have been shattered. Collectively this seems to be the case. Either way our belief in life has been further shaped through life experience and has either taken away or added to our belief in living in a this material yet magical world.  There is magic all around, yet some of us can’t see it. It is no wonder, as the world around us continues to disturb our sense of living a wonderful life. Whichever way it’s been or is for you, the retrograde, now asks for that integration. It stems from what we believe is possible and what we as individuals and as a collective believe the world, life has to offer us. This period of retrograde is now a time for this incubation, when we rework, reconfigure and redesign our world according to Neptune!
      What we believe is possible becomes ever more important.
      Neptune is the planet of dreams, of universal knowing, of mysteries, of divine grace, of opening ourselves to the unknown, living with faith, believing in the future, being inspired by life. Without Neptune’s attunement we live in fear of the unknown, we mistrust, we become paranoid, we become depressed, we have nothing to believe in. Neptune’s energy is that of soul and spirit, of transcendence, of tapping  into our psychic ability, or living and being in a connected and spiritual world, if we don’t have these connections, we are lost.
      To understand the archetypal Neptune is to look at the myths of Poseidon/Neptune. The-God of the Sea was always telling of heroes being cast adrift , lost not knowing what be ahead, he would make his intended victims lose their way in his realm, he would cast nets and trap them and make them stay lost at sea for long periods of time. Why? So that one would learn to trust in the unknown, and have faith in the unseen.
      Neptunian types have this quality. Pisces is like that. Neptune is modern ruler of Pisces, and both are tuned to the never ending cycles of life, eternal consciousness. There is an understanding that there is no begining and no real end, we transcend from one to another. We are all seeds of the future somehow. It’s important to remember Jupiter here as well as the ancient ruler of Pisces as Jupiter as an archetype that at its best, trusts and believes in himself and acts accordingly! What can go wrong if you are indeed living in trust with your universe?  What you believe and have faith in, has much to do with health of spirit, body and mind!  Belief and trust in yourself and your actions is a key to trusting the world around you, for the steps you take come ultimately by your will. If you do not own this within yourself, then this retrograde pass is indeed the next evolutionary test from the God of the Sea!
      Since the long coming of 2012 and before, and the transformation occurring around our globe, we have collectively known that the “current” worldview, actions and motives can no longer sustain us. New discoveries, ideas, new ways and thinking have been developing to help us cope with this transformational crisis. As biologist Bruce Lipton reminds us “crisis ignites spontaneous evolution”. Bruce Lipton also tells us, that it is now no longer about the survival of the fittest, but it is those most able to adapt to their changing environment that are most likely to survive this world. This is another meaning of the word “Intelligence” , those most able to adapt and use current information in any given environment. We can move ourselves above and beyond these world limitations, believe and be something greater than we have be told we can be. We are changing our minds and reprogramming our thinking, adapting to quantum values and changing our beliefs to adapt to the changing world and our evolving consciousness.
      Be assured, that no one stands alone in the world of Neptune, we are all in this together, through Neptune we know we are all infinitely connected, we understand more these days on how we live in a connected universe, how our hearts, our minds direct our world. As a collective we are tested to believe and stay positive in this crazy mixed up world, but what happens if we lose faith in it all? What happens if we no longer try to live up to our ideals, or know we can forge the dreams we dream of.  We know and hear of dreams coming true all the time and people accomplishing impossible things beyond all comprehension and against all odds.
      Neptune moves slowly and now with the retrograde, focuses on only a few degrees in our astrology charts. Wherever these few degrees of Pisces are in your astrology chart will be the focal point for this incubation. The place to reconnect to your inner dream. Retrogrades have potency as the planet passes closest to the Earth, bring it down, make it real, now is the time.

      Neptune’s retrograde transit includes:
      Begins, quincunx direct Jupiter – A newly direct Jupiter in Libra alerts us to the connections we have made,this aspect is a difficult one to see, but be aware who is part of your dream and who can you trust, careful who your share your dream with.
      For the Solstice Venus /Neptune sextile – Neptune in Pisces and Venus in Taurus is a magic mix, with both in their element this is an ideal time to take some clay and start creating that dream, start forming it into some kind of shape or indeed invest in it somehow.
      Trine Mars/ Mercury July 27-29, square BML Mean Node –  Some home truth’s come to light with Mars in Cancer, bringing in the emotions to help sort out some deep frustrations, they bubble to the surface and into the light. What is revealed is important for the dream, take note as this will help to activate the dream.
      Aug 13th Mercury retrograde opposite Neptune and eclipse season – (more on this later)Sept 5th –  Sun opposite Neptune –Sept 13th – Mars opposite Neptune –Sep 30th  – Venus opposite Neptune – with all of the 3 above – The Dream is alive! Here we will know if our dreams and desires are coming , if the visions we have held are real or not!
      NovSun , Mercury Venus then Jupiter move to trine Neptune from Scorpio at 11° mark as he turns to move direct again
      Note trines, sextiles and squares, (if you are more advanced you could ad more aspects) by natal planets, progressed and solar arc planets to the Neptune retrograde area from your own chart and keep abreast of the main transits of Neptune as seen above. See from where he challenges you the most at this time. It’s like being at a Neptune Boot Camp. What needs to be developed the most from Neptune’s realm. Use an orb of 2-3 degrees each side. If the retrograde of Neptune squares a planet in your chart be mindful of the challenge to keep your dream alive, challenges will help you sort out if the dream is true, authentic and meant to be. The tests by square push us to make something real, to work towards something we really want, and help sort out that which is no longer relevant to our big story! With an opposition, for anything in Virgo, we are able to see more clearly what is being confronted and take a much deeper look.
      In this time pay special attention to dreams, to images, to symbols and stories. Get yourself out into nature, to the ocean, go on a retreat, get out of that rat race. Find out where and why you are racing? It’s time to dive into the waters of Neptune, the universal dissolver, into the essential ingredient of life itself to reconnect to our truer selves.  In Neptune’s realm we search further for the meaning behind life and take on our spiritual quest to reach divine heights.
      During this retrograde Neptune reminds us that life can truly be about living a dream, we just need to believe it!